Sakunosuke Oda and Greater Osaka

Special Featured Exhibition
100th Anniversary Exhibition:Sakunosuke Oda and Greater Osaka

Wednesday, September 25 to Friday, October 18,2013

Overview of the exhibition

Sakunosuke Oda, a popular writer known commonly by the nickname Odasaku, was born on October 26, 1913 in Ikutama-mae-machi in Minami ward (present-day Tennoji ward), Osaka. This year marks the 100th anniversary of his birth. He wrote many novels that vividly depict the lives of the common people of Osaka, which is typically the case in his most successful novel, Meoto Zenzai (It's Good to Be Husband and Wife). He passed away in January 1947 at the age of only thirty-three, but his works have enjoyed enduring popularity among people through the ages, and have been adapted into films and TV dramas many times.

Held in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of his birth, this exhibition spotlights the life of Sakunosuke Oda from various angles – through his works, manuscripts and letters as well as the historical record of Greater Osaka where he lived during his short life. We hope this exhibition will invoke interest among visitors in Sakunosuke Oda, a native Osakan who loved his hometown, and the history of the town and people of Osaka depicted in his literary works.

Special Featured Exhibition
100th Anniversary Exhibition:Sakunosuke Oda and Greater Osaka
Organizer Organizing Committee on Commemorative Events of the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Sakunosuke Oda
Co-organizer Osaka Museum of History
Exhibition period Wednesday, September 25 to Friday, October 18,2013
Closed Tuesday (If Tuesday is a National Holiday, Closed Wednesday),
28 December - 4 January
Hours 9:30-17:00 (Fridays 9:30-20:00) *Please Enter 30 Minutes Prior To Closing
Exhibition space 6th floor, special exhibition room
Admission fee
Special Exhibit, Permanent Exhibit Set
Adults JPY 600 (540)
High school /
university students
JPY 400 (360)
Elementary and Junior High School Free
individuals aged 65 or older
who live in Osaka City
individuals who have
disability certificates, etc.,
(also including one caregiver)

* Tickets on the day, which include the permanent exhibition.

* The prices in parenthesis show the discount fees for groups of 20 individuals or more.

Number of items exhibited approximately 200
Structure of the exhibition The World of Meoto Zenzai, the Life of Odasaku, People associated with Odasaku (characters of his novels and his acquaintances), Osaka in the days of Odasaku, Odasaku and today