Featured Exhibitions

8F Featured Exhibition Hall, accessible to Osaka Museum of History (Permanent Exhibit) Ticket holders

  • New Additions to the Collection: 2019-2021
  • March 23 (Thu.) to May 15 (Mon.) 2023
  • The exhibition will mainly present works of art and materials that have not been shown before, selected from among those donated to the museum in recent years. (Abe)
  • What is this?” Visiting the Fascinating World of Archaeology
  • June 28 (Wed.) to October 2 (Mon.), 2023
  • This exhibition showcases the collection of archaeological objects held by the Osaka Museum of History, called Naniwa Rekihaku, in a quiz format to stir visitors’ curiosity. Archaeology is a discipline that explores history through physical things, such as ruins and artifacts discovered in excavations; regardless of the technical aspects, we hope that visitors, both adults and children, will simply enjoy seeing a wide array of archaeological objects, which vary in color, material and form, up close. (Yasuoka)
  • Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Osaka 2023
  • October 4 (Wed.), 2023 to January 8 (Mon. and a public holiday.), 2024
  • This exhibition will present the latest findings of excavations undertaken in Osaka City in FY 2021 by displaying many unearthed artifacts and photo panels showing the excavation works. (Muramoto)
  • People in Portraits :Respect, Adoration, and Remembrance
  • January 10 (wed.), to March 4 (Mon.) ,2024
  • Since ancient times, people have created portraits of those who were adored, who passed away, or sometimes who were honored as godly beings. Though all humans are mortal, people in portraits are given eternal life. This exhibition features “People in Portraits,” showcasing some of the best portraits selected from the collection of the Osaka Museum of History. We hope visitors will enjoy a non-verbal dialog with the historical figures and ordinary people depicted in these portraits beyond space and time. (Iwasa) * This exhibition is funded by the JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research 20K20676.
  • Rediscover! Osaka Castle during the Reign of Hideyoshi
    – Gilded Roof Tiles and Roof Tiles with Family Crests
  • March 6 (wed.), to May 6 (Mon. and a public holiday.) ,2024
  • It is known that the original Osaka Castle built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi is now buried under the existing Osaka Castle, which was built during the reign of Tokugawa shogunate. An exhibition facility is now being constructed to present an unearthed stone wall of the original Osaka Castle to the public. Held at this timing, this exhibition showcases gilded roof tiles that symbolize Osaka Castle built by Hideyoshi, roof tiles with family crests that adorned samurai residences, and various other articles discovered during excavations at the Osaka Castle site, to shed light on the original Osaka Castle and castle town during the reign of Hideyoshi. (Mametani,Okamoto)
  • *The above schedule is subject to change.
    * The Featured Exhibition Hall on the eighth floor will be closed from May 17 (Wed.) to June 26 (Mon.), 2023.