Use of 3D Cultural Properties Data

Please read the following information before using the 3D data of cultural properties provided by the Osaka Museum of History. In addition, please be aware that if you use this data, we will assume your understanding of the contents below.
1. Purposes and methods
Osaka Museum of History (hereafter referred to as the museum) publishes the 3D data on “Sketchfab.” It makes it available for free download to promote the utilization of the cultural properties it owns and manages. Also, in accordance with “5. Copyright and terms of use” described later, there is no need to apply to the museum for use.
2. Publishing platform URL providing public access
*When we publish information through other public platforms in the future, we will post the information on the museum's website and social media as appropriate.
3. Publishing content
The following items are subject to public disclosure.
  • 3D data of cultural properties owned and managed by the museum.
  • 3D data of buried cultural properties located in Osaka city.
  • 3D data of relics unearthed during excavations in Osaka city.
  • 3D data of structures, spaces, topography, etc., restored based on the second listed above.
4. Types of data provided
The 3D data to be provided is as follows, but it only includes some of them.
  • Polygon data
  • Point cloud data
  • Image file generated as texture
5. Copyright and conditions
●If it is found that the copyright exists in the object of the published 3D data, the copyright belongs to the operator or the person who has the legitimate right. In this case, unauthorized use or reproduction of 3D data is prohibited.
●Except for the above, the "Government of Japan Standard Terms of Use (Ver. 2.0)" will be applied as the conditions for the 3D data created by the museum. This agreement is compatible with the copyright license terms stipulated in the Creative Commons License Attribution 4.0 International (hereinafter referred to as "CC BY"), so it is also available under CC BY.
6. Caution and Prohibited Conduct
●The published data includes those created in collaboration with external organizations or individuals. In such cases, please confirm the name of the creator and data owner as indicated in each description and use the data appropriately in accordance with our terms of use.
●The Osaka Museum of History will respond to inquiries about the target materials. As for the released data, please do not ask related organizations or local governments where the subject cultural properties are located.
7. Disclaimer
●The published 3D data does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and utility.
●We cannot respond to requests for additional data up to the platform.
●We cannot answer questions about each platform because other organizations manage them.
●We disclaim any and all liability for damages resulting from or associated with the platform system to publish data.
●We disclaim any and all liability for damages caused by any problems among users or between user(s) and any third party.
●We may alter and review these terms of use or suspend our Sketchfab account's operation without any prior notice.
8. Personal data
●The information posted by the museum is subject to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and Administrative Agency for Osaka City Museums.Based on the agency's information protection rules, we will take appropriate measures to prevent personal information leakage. When collecting information, the museum will clearly state the purpose and the fact of the collection, and we will use the information only within the scope of the stated purpose.
●For privacy protection related to the use of the public platform, please refer to the site's regulations before using it.
●Please refer to the website's privacy protection regulations when using our website.
9. Other
When using public data, we would appreciate it if you could inform us of the details of your use.
10. Operation
This operation policy will be effective from November 30th, 2022 (Reiwa 4th).